Game Features

Escape the prison!

Multiple Storyline

The storyline is interactive, with alot of hidden elements. Discover more, as we you play along.

Cross Platform

The game is developed using LibGDX framework. Allowing us to support multiple devices, all with the same code base.

Open Source

We plan to publish the Game's Source code on GitHub and open to public for any inputs later on.


Enhanced documentation report will be provided with the game, detailing the Development Life Cycle of the game.

Play the game.

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Our Progress

Stage 1

Initial Plans

This is the first stage of SDLC where we brainstromed various ideas for the gaming concept. Prioritsing various features that needed to be implemented to make a interactive game.

Stage 2

Analysis Stage

After Brainstorming of ideas, we analysed their strengths and weaknesses - finally picking the one our team liked. We also took inspiration from similar projects done in the past.

Stage 3

Design Stage

This is where our ideas came to life. We started by handsketching the concept and turning them into a hack. Strictly following the C4 model, made this stage efficient.

Our Team

Team 10

Our achievements

0 Hours of Design
0 Hours of Code
0 Minutes of Story Play